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Preaching is the primary means ordained by God for the communication of His gospel and the exposition of His word. There is an experience in preaching for both speaker and hearer that nothing else equals. When the living word of God is proclaimed faithfully in the energy of the Holy Spirit God meets with us and we with Him. The preacher communicates with an authority and clarity that are not his own as he senses the nearness of God and the liberty of the Spirit while a divine stillness descends upon his audience as God's presence is realized and the power of His word experienced.


There is of course no substitute for the 'live event,' but recordings of preaching have a useful role and open up to us an array of preaching that we otherwise could not experience. On the web, no shortage of audio and video recordings of preachers exist, but as an Irish preacher of a former day, Frank Knox, once said: "All good men are not good preachers, all good preachers are not good men." Life and message should correspond. Sadly this is not always the case.


I have selected and linked to three websites offering a wide variety of preachers and preaching. I have no responsibility for, or control over their content, but I am confident that you will find plenty of helpful and challenging messages given by many able preachers.



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